Mystic Necklace – 14K Solid Gold Necklace


All of our necklaces are 14K solid Turkish gold.

Turkish gold is one of the most quality gold in the world. The gold production and designs of this country go back to 3000BC.

Enjoy your modern-day necklace with ancient history, quality and craftsmanship.



Mystic necklace has a unique chain design that makes the gold shine through all the lights it takes to reflect. It’s a great addition to your necklace layering.

This necklace comes with 585 stamps unique to the Grand Bazaar market. It’s the equivalent of a 14K stamp in the US. Please check this website for more information about the gold standards.

  • 14K solid Gold
  • Chain Length 15″
  • Authentic real gold
  • 100% Handmade by generations of artisans.
  • Made in Grand Bazaar, Istanbul


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